Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Isabel's Christmas

Mark and I decided that we wanted to have a family Christmas this year, so today was picked because it is our 3 year anniversary of our engagement. So we got up this morning and went to a local restaurant that has a Toys for Tots bin to donate toys we would have given Isabel. We have decided to do this every year, not only as a nice way to remember Isabel, but also because we feel strongly that someone should benefit from Isabel's life. So, from now on, we are going to donate some age appropriate toys we would have gotten Isabel. Then we came home and did the traditional Christmas stuff, opened presents and ate our stocking stuffers! Isabel will be able to tell everyone in Heaven that she loves chocolate and root beer. :) A good friend pointed out today that Isabel was very lucky because she got a Christmas with us, and she gets to spend December 25 with Jesus celebrating his birthday too. That is a thought that Mark and I will always cherish. So, from Mark, Isabel, and I, we wish you all a Merry Christmas and hope that you remember the reason for the season.


Unknown said...

What a Beautiful Idea! Love Pat

adrienne said...

What a great way to celebrate this Christmas together! I love that you are going to continue the tradition in honor of Isabel. I am so impressed by all that you guys are doing to make memories with Isabel while she is with you.

Shala said...

Mark & Jill,
You are an inspiration to us all! I hope ou know just how much we love you!