Friday, July 16, 2010

Isabel Remembered

So June 22 would have been Isabel's 6 month birthday and here were are marching up on her 7 month birthday. I can't believe it has been that long. Sometimes I think I imagined it all. I have long forgotten what it was like to hold her and sometimes I forget what she looked like. I look through her pictures and sometimes surprise myself with how much I forget. It helps that I have a couple of people that can help me remember. I wish that more people were there to help me. Memories fade so fast when all you had was 19 hours to make them.

But, it does help me when people that didn't even know her help me remember her. We have a couple of dear friends that made me jewelry to wear when I need her near me. A very creative friend made me a scrapbook page of her pictures. And recently, we became aware of a lady in Australia that spends her free time writing the names of babies who have passes away in the sand. This month she wrote Isabel's name in the sand.

We really appreciate when people will talk to us about her. I find it very hurtful when people don't bring her up or won't say anything when I mention her. Why wouldn't I want to talk about her? She is my firstborn! So to all of those who are reading this wondering how they could possibly talk about her to me, just ask me anything about her! I love remembering her and that is the only way I may recall all those fading memories.

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elena said...

Her name in the sand and the poem under it is beautiful! How precious to have this! Also I love that you have received jewelry to remember Isabel, I know that means a lot to you.